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example page
example page

Design a pdf planner that fits your life (and your tablet) like a glove.

Need inspiration? Check out the available templates

A 12 month planner is $19.99 (USD). Pay securely with Stripe after customizing
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You can override this for individual parts later
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  • All of the sections below are pre-filled with sensible defaults
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Daily pages
example page
Hours informat
Week settings
example page

Choose the default template and name for your weekly pages. By default, you get a rich time-based planning view. And you can always add more weekly collections in the "Collection Pages" section below

Monthly Pages
example page

Your classic monthly calendar, with large day cells to ensure there's ample room for your appointments and reminders. Select your country below to include its official holidays here and on the Daily pages.

Quarterly Pages
example page

Guard your high-level goals with these quarterly planning pages. They're linked bidirectionally with Daily pages to help you keep your long-term plans in focus.

Monthly Trackers
example page

An ideal place to track the things you want to do every single day: habits, exercise, one-line gratitude journalling, etc. Each line links to the corresponding Daily page for effortless navigation

Review Lists
example page

Keep a record of all the books/movies/restaurants/etc you experienced over the year with your own custom review lists.

Collection Pages

Put the finishing touches on your planner with extra pages tailored to your personal workflow.

Add a cover image to customize the look of your planner's index page.
Images are adapted from the wonderful heropatterns.com
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