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Take your reMarkable, Supernote or Kindle Scribe to the next level with a planner and calendar configured specifically for your workflow.

Effortlessly manage and navigate your tasks, schedule, notes, and projects.

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Praise for the Planner

Ok #Remarkable users, this is an AMAZING upgrade! It’s a custom generated PDF for your eink device that turns it into a HYPERLINKED planner! Almost a full app inside a single 600+ page PDF! I’m kicking myself I didn’t think of it
Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman
An excellent pdf planner that includes many well thought out sections and in-app navigations – and that level of structure makes up for the Scribe's very basic navigation and organizational tools
Brandon Boswell
Brandon Boswell
@remarkablepaper + @Hyperpaper_ has been the GOAT combo for me. I was a Full Focus Planner user for a few years but this (to my surprise) is the best one yet. Everything you want, customized.
Whit Norrad
Whit Norrad
I happened upon your site in the beginning of my epaper planner odyssey and could have stopped there. I ended up with a few lesser versions and ultimately came back to buy yours and am so pleased with the entire experience.
Kindle Scribe owner
Absolutely fantastic ... It's such a great product and idea
Joe Casabona
Joe Casabona
howibuilt.it podcast
Yours is easily the best of the pdf tablet planners that I have seen… and I have tried several
reMarkable owner


2× Year calendar pages

Fully linked calendar pages for the current and next year
example page

4× Quarterly planning pages

Lined or dotted pages for sketching out your goals for each month. Linked with each day and month in the quarter.
example page

12× Month calendar pages

Your classic monthly calendar, with each cell linking to the corresponding Day page. Optionally include official holidays (hundreds of countries supported!)
example page

53× Weekly pages

New planning template gives you a bird's eye view of your week. Not a fan? Choose lined, dotted, or kanban pages instead. Linked bidirectionally with every day in the week.
example page

365× Daily pages

The heart of the planner. One page for every day in the year, with:

  • Dotted or lined layout
  • Space for your top tasks
  • Plenty of room for daily notes or a journal entry
  • (optional) agenda on the right side to help wrangle your schedule
  • (optional) Shaded working hours in the agenda
example page

??× Meeting Notes

A convenient structured template for your meeting notes– available lined or dotted. Add as many collections as you need, so you can easily organize notes from different types of meetings.

example page

??× Collection pages

This is what sets our planner apart. Customize which extra linked pages are included, to tailor it to your needs. Use these for:

  • Projects, ideas, and loose notes
  • Habit & fitness trackers
  • Gratitude journalling
  • Book ratings & reviews
  • ...anything else you want to organize and track
example page
example page
example page

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