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hyperpaper planner

Supercharge your tablet

Take your reMarkable, Supernote or Kindle Scribe to the next level with a planner and calendar configured specifically for your workflow.

Effortlessly manage and navigate your tasks, schedule, notes, and projects.

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Praise for the Planner

Ok #Remarkable users, this is an AMAZING upgrade! It’s a custom generated PDF for your eink device that turns it into a HYPERLINKED planner! Almost a full app inside a single 600+ page PDF! I’m kicking myself I didn’t think of it
Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman
An excellent pdf planner that includes many well thought out sections and in-app navigations – and that level of structure makes up for the Scribe's very basic navigation and organizational tools
Brandon Boswell
Brandon Boswell
@remarkablepaper + @Hyperpaper_ has been the GOAT combo for me. I was a Full Focus Planner user for a few years but this (to my surprise) is the best one yet. Everything you want, customized.
Whit Norrad
Whit Norrad
I happened upon your site in the beginning of my epaper planner odyssey and could have stopped there. I ended up with a few lesser versions and ultimately came back to buy yours and am so pleased with the entire experience.
Kindle Scribe owner
Absolutely fantastic ... It's such a great product and idea
Joe Casabona
Joe Casabona
howibuilt.it podcast
Yours is easily the best of the pdf tablet planners that I have seen… and I have tried several
reMarkable owner

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