Supernote Planner and Calendar

Make your Supernote even more Super

Take your Supernote to the next level with a planner and calendar configured specifically for your workflow.

Effortlessly manage and navigate your tasks, schedule, notes, and projects.

Why this planner?

  • 👨‍🎨 Designed with the Supernote's screen contrast and UI in mind
  • 🔗 Thoughtful pdf linking system for effortless navigation
  • 🤯Over a dozen templates to pick from for your custom Collections
  • 🎨 Customizable for your needs – no fluff or bloat
  • 🌍 Holiday support for over 100 countries
  • 🗓 Sunday or Monday week start
  • 📣 Choose from 🇬🇧 English, 🇫🇷 Français, 🇩🇪 Deutsch, 🇪🇸 Español, or 🇮🇹 Italiano text
  • 📅 It's never too late to get organized. Your planner’s start month can be now, next month, or January

Try it for free

The best way to see if the planner is right for you is to try it on your tablet. The following 2-month demo files are available to help you evaluate it.

Dotted demo

A demo pdf with dotted day pages and several custom collections


Lined demo

A demo pdf with lined day pages and several custom collections


What's inside

Trackers pageDay pages pageWeekly planning pageMonth calendars pageQuarterly planning pageYear calendars pageIndex Page page


Add one (or more!) monthly trackers to keep on top of your habits, exercise, or whatever else is important to you. Available in multiple styles, and of course, fully linked for easy access.

Day pages

The heart of the planner. Choose 1-3 pages for every day of the year. Choose a lined or dotted template, with an optional agenda sidebar

Weekly planning

Get a bird's eye view of your week. Not a fan of this layout? Choose lined, dotted, or kanban templates for your weekly pages instead. Linked bidirectionally with every day in the week.

Month calendars

Your classic monthly calendar, with each cell linking to the corresponding Day page. Optionally include official holidays (hundreds of countries supported!)

Quarterly planning

Lined or dotted pages for sketching out your goals for each month. Linked with each day and month in the quarter.

Year calendars

Fully linked calendar pages for the current and next year

Index Page

The first page of the planner acts as a home base, with links to every section of the pdf. You can get here from any page in the planner, so navigating is a breeze. Optionally add a cover image to put your stamp on it.
Browse all available templates and variations

Customer Reviews

Ok #Remarkable users, this is an AMAZING upgrade! It’s a custom generated PDF for your eink device that turns it into a HYPERLINKED planner! Almost a full app inside a single 600+ page PDF! I’m kicking myself I didn’t think of it
Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman
An excellent pdf planner that includes many well thought out sections and in-app navigations – and that level of structure makes up for the Scribe's very basic navigation and organizational tools
Brandon Boswell
Brandon Boswell
@remarkablepaper + @Hyperpaper_ has been the GOAT combo for me. I was a Full Focus Planner user for a few years but this (to my surprise) is the best one yet. Everything you want, customized.
Whit Norrad
Whit Norrad
I happened upon your site in the beginning of my epaper planner odyssey and could have stopped there. I ended up with a few lesser versions and ultimately came back to buy yours and am so pleased with the entire experience.
Kindle Scribe owner
It's like having an operating system for your tablet. I can get anywhere in 2 clicks, and I never have to leave my notebook or deal with the file system
Kindle Scribe owner
Yours is easily the best of the pdf tablet planners that I have seen… and I have tried several
reMarkable owner
I'm serious when I say that your planner with all the options is a MAJOR game changer for me. I wasn't sure if I was even going to like my reMarkable until I found hyperpaper
reMarkable owner
Thank you so much. I have bought so many planners and there was so much in them. I could not work them. Yours is great.
Kindle Scribe owner
Your product is brilliant and has completely transformed my daily workflow
reMarkable owner
By far the nicest planner I’ve seen for the Supernote
Supernote owner

How to get yours

  1. Create your planner with the custom order form
  2. Pay securely ($19.99) with Stripe
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes while your custom planner is built
  4. You'll receive your planner via email (as a pdf attachment)
  5. Upload the pdf to your tablet and enjoy!


What is this thing?
The hyperpaper planner is a fully interlinked dayplanner designed for tablet devices, contained in a single pdf file. It offers a range of customizations so you can tailor it to your needs.
Why this planner?
There are quite a few solid options out there for pdf-based planners. The main reasons you might choose this one:
  • Significant customizability and modularity. Create a planner with the features that matter to you, without extra stuff that gets in your way
  • Consistent and intuitive navigation
  • Support for national holidays in hundreds of countries
  • Excellent support for bullet journalling
  • Aesthetics – this is subjective, so take our demo files for a spin on your device
Which devices does this support?
The planner should work on any device that reads pdf files (and ideally, supports links). It will work well on an iPad or Android tablet, but it's designed in particular for large-screened eInk tablets like:
  • reMarkable 1 & 2
  • Kindle Scribe
  • Supernote (A5, A5X, A6, A6X)
  • Onyx Boox – Tab Ultra C, Tab X, Max Lumi, Nova Air, etc
  • Fujitsu Quaderno (A4, A5)
How do I know how it'll work on my tablet?
Try one of the free demo files on your tablet to see if it's right for you.
The links don't work!
Make sure you're tapping the link with your finger. Most tablets won't activate pdf links if you try to tap them with the pen.
I ordered the planner but I didn't get an email!
If the planner doesn't arrive within 10 minutes, it's possible it landed in your Spam folder or was blocked. Please email orders at hyperpaper.me and I'll re-send it from another email address.