Free reMarkable Templates

Upgrade your reMarkable notebooks with a set of .png templates specifically designed for the device.

These templates use design elements from the finest pdf planner for e-Ink tablets. The pdf planner adds various day/month/week layouts and a thoughtful linking system.


A workhorse for structured sketching and bullet journalling


Because sometimes you just want to write a bunch of text on lines

Meeting Notes

A lined page with sections for Topics, Notes, and Action Items

Kanban portrait

Use the rM2's text selection and movement to turn it into a lightweight project management tool


It's a grid! What else do you need to know?

More coming soon!

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How to install custom reMarkable templates

Unfortunately, reMarkable doesn't make it easy to get custom templates on to your device. Here's a guide to installing custom templates, but it involves using the command line and ssh. There are third party desktop applications that are a bit friendlier, but I can't vouch for them. RCU is probably the most notable example.

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