hyperpaper newsletter #02

Hello again! This forgot-you-subscribed-to-it newsletter is back for its second issue. I hope you find something valuable from the links and free downloads below. If you have any questions or feedback, simply reply to this email, I'll respond to every message.

Free Planner Demos for Nov/Dec 2023

In what’s become an annual tradition, I’ve released free, fully functional demo planner pdf files for November & December 2023. If you want to test drive the planner to see if it’s a good fit for you, this is a great way to jump in before building your own custom version for 2024. Free files (both lined and dotted) are available for the reMarkable, Supernote, and Kindle Scribe, but if you'd like to try it with a different tablet let me know.

Free Kindle Scribe templates

One of the biggest complaints with Amazon's Kindle Scribe tablet is its complete lack of support for custom templates. I’ve recently released some free pdf templates that you can use on the Scribe.

What’s a Collection?

I have an unfortunate habit of releasing things without fully explaining them (examples: kanban and tracker pages). To begin rectifying this, I’ve written a blog post about one of the planner’s central concepts– the Collection. Future posts will explore tips for using the aforementioned kanban/tracker templates, but let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to write about.

Reviews on Trustpilot

Enjoying the planner? You can now leave a review on Trustpilot. These are really helpful to me 🙏

Good reads

  • Memex is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed – A thought-provoking read on the concept of the Memex and how it can be implemented today. If they get improved support for linking, I think e-Ink tablets are uniquely positioned to fulfill the vision of the Memex as personal learning and memory expansion devices.

    The original Memex article is available as a pdf here (a great read for your tablet). Written in 1945 – before the transistor – it's stunning how innovative and prescient it is in many ways.

  • E-Ink is so Retropunk – The audience for this one is even more technical/nerdy, but I quite enjoyed the vision of “graphing calculators for grown-ups” and it’s really cool to see what tinkerers are doing with these tablets