hyperpaper newsletter #01

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the hyperpaper newsletter! You might have forgotten you signed up for it– as promised this aims to be the least frequent newsletter in your inbox. I hope you find at least one valuable thing in this email, and as always let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Planner v2

As a newsletter subscriber, there’s a good chance you purchased the hyperpaper planner. I’m pleased to announce that a new major version is ready for testing. It addresses many of the most common requests and feedback, and you can learn what’s new on the website.

If you’re a planner customer, I can send you a free re-build of your order, with the new features and changes. Just fill out this form (link redacted- subscribers only!) and I’ll get in touch by email!

Free reMarkable templates

If you’re on the reMarkable, you probably have a bunch of notebooks (even if you use the planner). I’ve created a few free png templates based on the v2 planner that you can download and install for free. If you’re on a Supernote or other device and would be interested in templates like these, let me know! I’m planning to create more soon.


It’s still just getting off the ground but hyperpaper now has a blog. You can subscribe via Atom/RSS if you’re interested in eink/productivity/information work at a slightly more regular cadence than this newsletter.

hyperpaper notebook

Have you run out of note pages in your planner? Maybe you have projects or clients with notes/sketches/meetings that you want to keep organized as a group? I’m working on a new product, which is basically the planner, without any of the date-based pages. This might be useful if you have projects or clients that each need their own notes, sketches, and meeting notes, all grouped together in one document. The bonus is you can duplicate and re-use the same pdf as many times as you need.

If this is interesting to you, please reply and let me know (just reply to this email)! I aim to start selling it on the website for $19 later this year, but am offering 50% off early access for existing planner customers and newsletter subscribers to help me validate and refine the idea.

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